February 04, 2020


Humboldt County, California
February 4th, 2020

As Nightgaunt slowly expanded its textile wings,
it outgrew the confines of both host and former habitat. 

The Mrs, having recently graduated from nursing school,
accepted an offer from a community clinic in 2018.

Late 2018 / early 2019
The Move.
Strange, the relocation from Oakland to Fortuna
is a... blur. As fog dissipates, it seems memory
has faded along with.
Some ramifications are felt to this day, however.
Physical therapy and a stiff upper lip...
All will be right as rain in time.

The ends outweigh any means.
A return to my beloved forests, 
a peaceful house on a secluded hill.
The Mrs may start her career proper.
Nightgaunt may finally evolve.
I will be allowed to evolve. 

2019 was an arduous year of surgical
experimentations for reconstruction.
Allowing the beast to reform organically
is producing exciting results.

Time is relative.
We are a cosmic blip.
Upwards and onwards.

With kindest regards,
Adam R. Grimm

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